Dustless Blasting

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Dustless Blasting removes coatings from any surface material without creating heat or dust. ProStrip Sandblasting provides professional, effective and cost-efficient dustless blasting services in Melbourne and across Victoria for the preparation and restoration of your surfaces. We specialise in:

What is Dustless Media Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a water-based blasting technique that uses dustless blast pots.

It was developed as a result of increasing constraints in health and safety, removing grease, salt and oil, and eliminating sulphates, chlorides, nitrates and phosphates when paired with an abrasive.

The dustless blasting technique involves combining water with an abrasive, such as sand or glass, in a tank. This, of course, depends on the surface material and the depth at which the material must be blasted, such as with concrete sandblasting.

In this way, dustless blasting removes up to 95% of dust particles, making it the most economic-friendly dust control system.

Using high-pressure, the water together with the abrasive is then blasted against the surface. Any debris falls to the ground – eliminating all toxic airborne particles, as well as uses less material for cleaning.

The Benefits of Using Dustless Blasting

Key benefits to using dustless blasting:

1. Removes health and safety risks
Statistically, dust is one of the leading causes of a disease called ‘silicosis’. With the media used for dustless blasting being wet, dust particles do not become airborne during the blasting procedure as the abrasive media gets trapped in water and becomes grounded. Dustless blasting is, therefore, the cleanest and safest abrasive blasting procedure for surface preparation.

2. Much more efficient
Our dustless blasters in Melbourne are able to strip a car in just under 2 hours and do not alter the shape of thin materials due to reduced friction. The setting up of containment is also not required; saving you time as well.

3. Cost-effective
It is also more cost-effective than conventional sandblasting as less abrasive blasting material are required to complete the blasting job. The dustless blaster is able to hold almost any type of abrasive that sinks in water.

4. Perfect for surface preparation
Dustless blasting is a practical way to prepare your surface for further restoration and treatment, i.e. adding a coat of paint. With dustless blasting, the rust inhibitor decontaminates the metal, resulting in a chloride-free, paint-ready surface.