Rust Removal

rust removal melbourne

When it comes to rust removal from metal surfaces, sandblasting is recognised as one of the most efficient and effective ways.

ProStrip Sandblasting is a Melbourne market leader in rust sandblasting. We successfully remove rust and corrosion from a range of surfaces using top tier industry equipment and a variety of eco-friendly abrasive media each suitable for blasting particular surfaces. 

Our rust removal services in Melbourne span across all commercial and industrial, mobile and onsite, and domestic and residential operations.

We Remove Rust from a Range of Surfaces

We provide rust removal services in Melbourne for all surfaces within the commercial and industrial industry, as well as provide successful solutions for residential or any onsite surfaces.

Our professional sandblasters ensure that all interior and exterior projects are completed efficiently to prevent or minimise disruption of your daily operations. 

Our rust removal services offer the perfect long-lasting finish, tailored to your specific needs, for a range of surfaces:

  • Staircases
  • Fences
  • Vehicles
  • Boats and marine parts
  • Aeroplanes
  • Agricultural parts
  • Railings
  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • And many more!

Will Sandblasting Help with Rust Removal?

Many use chemical-based cleaners and applications to remove rust from surfaces. However, these harsh and polluting chemicals can have an undesirable effect on your surface in the long run, as well as on the environment.

To remove rust from surfaces, we use sandblasting techniques that help to expose pristine steal condition, given that the project is completed by a professional sandblaster with the use of the right equipment. 

Not only we can remove rust using sandblasting in preparation of further treatment of the surface, but also ensure the long-term preservation of your restored metal surface. 

However, using the incorrect media or equipment can have a contradictory outcome for your surface, so always have it done by professionals like ProStrip.

The safest way to remove rust without damaging the surface underneath is to start with the softest sandblasting media and gradually work your way to an abrasive that removes all unwanted materials effectively.

How to Remove Rust from Steel

In restoring rusted steel back to its original condition, at ProStrip Sandblasting, we employ premium abrasives capable of thoroughly cleaning the steel, and removing the toughest rust and corrosion, while complying with Australia’s environmental and health standards.

Before getting rid of rust from the steel, it’s important to note that steel is not a single alloy, but a mixture of iron-based alloys. Each type of steel, therefore, requires sandblasting applications appropriate for its contents and sensitivity to undesirable surface changes.

The removal of rust from steel requires a particular procedure in preparing its surface for further treatment. Here, a sandblaster uses compressed air under a high-pressure to propel abrasive media onto the rusted area on the steel surface. 

The result is that the media essentially etches all rust away and reveals the clean metal without any damage caused by the rust removal process.

All sandblasted rust, residual media and unwanted debris are disposed, and if necessary, the surface is finished with a protective coating as soon as possible.

For information on how to descale stainless steel, check our Steel Sandblasting services.

Why Choose Us for Rust Removal?

With Melbourne’s muggy climate, rust is often a lingering hassle but with high-quality rust inhibitors, you’re guaranteed a durable surface finish. Though, removing rust can be a messy and time-consuming task. It, therefore, all comes down to having the right sandblasters.

ProStrip Sandblasting is one of Melbourne’s favourite rust eradicators and we only invest in top-of-the-range technology and abrasive media. Our professional and highly-skilled sandblasters have worked with all surfaces in the removal of rust, and our customers have only ever been happy with receiving their desired results. 

Here’s why Melbournians prefer our services:

  • We specialise in all aspects of rust removal, from the commercial and industrial industry to domestic and residential areas, and providing convenient mobile and on-site solutions.
  • We offer one of the widest ranges of sandblasting and abrasive blasting services in the Melbourne region.
  • We are experts in our field with over 10-years experience in rust removal and offering the most effective action plan for your surface preparation.
  • Our services are cost-efficient.
  • We only use high-quality and environmentally friendly abrasive media that comply with the OHS.
  • Our power technologies ensure rust is sufficiently removed, along with a durable finish.
  • We tailor our services to meet your rust removal needs and requirements.