Domestic and Residential Blasting

residential sandblasting

ProStrip Sandblasting provides professional, high-quality abrasive blasting services to domestic, residential and small business customers across Melbourne. As Melbourne’s favourite residential blasting company, we offer:

  • Competitive rates
  • Effective and efficient action plans from qualified sandblasters
  • Advanced blasting technologies
  • A-Grade abrasive media for the best results
  • Environmentally-friendly blasting procedures & techniques
  • Obligation-free quotes to make the most informed decision before we proceed with your requirements

Our Residential Blasting Solutions

ProStrip has decades of experience in providing high-quality workmanship. We therefore always leave our clients happy with a beautiful, fine-blasted finish ready for further preparation, and remarkable adhesion to any interior or exterior surface.

Our domestic and residential sandblasting solution involves using sandblasting techniques and media to clean, polish and strengthen exterior surfaces. 

Providing residential blasting services in Melbourne, we ensure to establish full environmental control and recycling systems to capture the materials used. 

Our domestic sandblasting equipment is perfect for removing unwanted chemicals and debris such as oil stains, and stripping exterior surfaces such as concrete, metals, brick and wood to create a fine finish. 

As qualified specialists, we guarantee that your material will be left with the perfect profile ready for the preparation of further treatment.

Our Professional Services

From surface preparation to cleaning and creative stunning decorative finishes, we offer a range of domestic and residential sandblasting services. Some of which include:

The Benefits of Domestic and Residential Sandblasting

If you are a residence owner, contractor or company that needs to prepare, refurbish or restore weak concrete, metal or any domestic surface, then residential blasting is what you’re looking for.

Domestic and residential sandblasting offers an array of benefits:

  • Much more efficient than traditional surface preparation procedures, saving you loads of time!
  • Highly effective in preventing damage to your surface during the restoration.
  • Completely removes unwanted contaminants that are hazardous to health and safety in your domestic and residential environment.
  • Cleans surfaces much more effectively.

However, this also depends on the type of domestic sandblasting equipment used. We believe that high-quality will guarantee the best quality:

Ensuring high-quality services, we avoid surface damages to residences by using appropriate technology designed to complete each specific blasting job successfully. Our professional team therefore uses various techniques and work with a range of pressure levels for delicate, medium and heavy residential and domestic jobs. 

At the same time, we always remain up to standard with Australia’s environmental and residential blasting regulations.