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ProStrip Sandblasting has a reputation for providing durable, high-quality and creative concrete stencilling solutions in Melbourne.

Stencilling concrete allows you to re-create surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, to the exclusive finish you desire.

Our stencilling contractors are experts in their field and guarantee to create a look customised to your specific needs with a finish that will last.

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Concrete Stencilling in Melbourne

Concrete stencilling has become widely popular in Melbourne. Though, the process is best handled by a professional like ProStrip Sandblasting.

We offer concrete stencils in a range of shapes and sizes to cater for all kinds of concrete applications, including sandblasting. Get a professional fresh new look on your interior or exterior concrete surfaces using our exclusive stencil applications.concrete stencilling melbourne

Stencilling your concrete is an effective way to change the look and feel of your existing concrete. Not to mention, it is much more affordable than refurbishing your entire surface with a new concrete layer or brick design. From creating a simple modern pattern and stone patterns to visually striking designs, stencils allow you to customise your concrete surface the way you want it.

Before delving into making concrete patterns, it is important that your requested surface is prepared. This is where concrete sandblasting comes in.

Concrete sandblasting is generally required when stones are buried beneath the cement. This occurrence takes place when wear and tear causes can inconsistent ratio between the concrete’s stone and cement; resulting in an under-exposed aggregate. Sandblasting, therefore, exposes the stones to achieve a rough texture and an even ratio of cement and stone. This is what makes ProStrip Sandblasting’s abrasive blasting media perfect for resurfacing concrete.

Following the preparation of your surfaces, our experienced contractors in Melbourne will be able to use concrete stencils to create your desired pattern/s.

What is Concrete Stencilling?

Concrete stencilling is a process which involves laying a stencilled pattern over a prepared concrete surface, such as a driveway, walls, columns or patios, and blasting the surface – respective to the stencil – to create a distinctive surface finish.

concrete stencilling melbourneStencilling is one of the most pioneering techniques in decorative concrete, as it provides endless creativity to add any pattern and colour to your concrete surface. For this reason, different sandblasting materials are available for various types of stencils and stencil patterns.

Stencilling can be successfully completed on both freshly placed concrete or existing concrete. However, when applying a stencil coating to new or existing concrete, preparation is vital. Your concrete contractor will, therefore, first thoroughly clean your concrete surface before proceeding with the stencilling.

How Do you Make a Concrete Stencil?

Concrete stencils are custom made and cut from a variety of tear and water-resistant materials. Once your pattern has been aligned on the appropriate concrete base, we utilise the relevant sandblasting technique on the exposed surface; after which we then remove the masking to present a distinction between the original surface and sandblasted area.

Concrete patterns may vary, depending on the stencils used. The most common types of concrete stencils include:

  • Border patterns
  • Logos
  • Medallions
  • Unique graphics such as letters and words
  • Brick and stone patterns
  • Slate or tile looks

Application of Stencils

concrete stencilling melbourneConcrete stencils are generally applied following surface preparation. The application involves a few steps:

  1. The relevant stencil is placed on the concrete surface and plastered to the surface using a stencil roller.
  2. The stencil is aligned and worked in a specific procedure to retain the consistency of the pattern.
  3. After the surface is covered, your concrete contractor will use a scissor to trim any excess stencil and use a sandblaster to go over the area.
  4. Following the concrete stencilling application, colour hardener is cast onto the concrete and worked into the surface.
  5. Before textures are applied, an antiquing release agent is applied to the surface.
  6. When it comes to stone or brick stencils, a texture roller will be used to create a roughened finish. Pigments caused by the roller may leave shadows to create natural colour variations. For this reason, rollers with different textures are used to produce various decorative effects.
  7. The stencil is then lifted from the concrete surface, the release agent is cleaned off and concrete sealer is applied where necessary.

How Much Does it Cost to Stencil Concrete?

If you have a patio, driveway or any concrete surface that needs a redesign, concrete stencilling is a cost-efficient and effective solution.

The cost to stencil concrete depends on the surface treatment for preparation (i.e. sandblasting) required prior to stencilling the concrete surface, the complexity of the stencil design, the number of colours, possible resurfacing and more.

It’s important to remember that each concrete stencilling project is different and will, therefore, vary in costs. Get in touch with our professional, creative and experienced sandblasters to discuss your concrete stencilling needs and receive a free quote tailored to meet your exclusive requirements!