glass bead blasting melbourne

Do you have a car, truck or boat that needs to be prepped for painting, renovation or further restoration through glass bead blasting?

Perhaps you are a business owner looking to restore agricultural, mining and other industrial equipment to working condition.

ProStrip Sandblasting provides glass bead blasting services in Melbourne to help meet your commercial and industrial and onsite needs.

Environmentally-Friendly Glass Bead Blasting

Glass beads are one of the largest moderately abrasive blasting media used to prepare surfaces for restoration.

The glass bead blasting procedure involves the use of lead-free soda-lime glass at low pressure. 

Since the glass beads are lead-free and do not produce dust-containing silica, bead blasting is the perfect alternative abrasive blasting technique that can be used as an automotive sandblasting technique and in environmentally sensitive areas.

This method of blasting is a low-impact, safe blasting method that is gentle on material and can remove paint, rust, and corrosion from a variety of surfaces.

What makes bead blasting eco-friendly is that it does not contain or require the use of chemicals or paint strippers to get the job done.

Get A Smooth, Polished Appearance With Bead Blasting

Using high-quality bead blasting techniques, ProStrip Sandblasting will leave your onsite or industrial blasting project surface and material looking smooth and shiny.

With the use of lower air pressure, your surface will receive an even, more uniform appearance without damaging or warping the material being restored or the surface’s underlying material.

ProStrip Sandblasting specialises in all glass bead blasting projects

No project is too small or big for us. From engines to marine vessels and heavy industry equipment, we can clean, prepare and restore material surfaces which include:

  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Bronze

On-site & Mobile Glass Bead Blasting

Take advantage of our on-site and mobile bead blasting options.

Our blasting facility is conveniently located within 10-minutes of Melbourne airport and our team is always happy to work on a variety of items that can be dropped off for any operation. 

Our professional team of glass bead blasting contractors in Melbourne can restore parts of your vehicle or classic car, including engines, panels and intakes, or strip your entire vehicle for surface preparation.

You can also drop-off your boat and we will return it to you ready for further preparation.

If your project is too big to transport, for example, industrial or agricultural equipment, we will remove the hassle by gladly coming to your location and provide our onsite and mobile glass bead blasting services in Melbourne at your preferred location.