graffiti removal melbourne

Not sure how to remove graffiti from your property in Melbourne? Using abrasive blasting for graffiti removal is a safe, efficient way to remove graffiti from various types of surfaces and materials used to apply graffiti.

ProStrip Sandblasting uses specialised abrasive blasting technology for graffiti removal to ensure that dust and paint particles do not become airborne. 

In this way, we avoid dust and toxic fumes associated with traditional sandblasting and concrete sandblasting.

You also do not have to worry about any health and safety risks associated with conventional blasting procedures.

Graffiti Removal - a Safer and Greener Solution

When looking at how to remove graffiti from your property or how to remove graffiti from concrete with concrete sandblasting, the many options can be overwhelming.

If the use of solvents, chemical strippers or just painting over the graffiti aren’t for you, dustless blasting is an environmentally-friendly option for graffiti removal.

Since there are no dust clouds produced by this low abrasive blasting method, the spray paint and paint used to create graffiti are not released into the air and this method can be performed in open environments.

There is no need for an airlock or full blast suit.

Using Dustless Blasting for Graffiti Removal

When using dustless blasting for graffiti removal:

  • Water and an abrasive, such as sand or glass, are combined in a tank and applied to the surface to be cleaned using high-pressure.
  • During the blasting process, the water used during the graffiti removal process traps the paint.
  • Debris falls to the ground instead of becoming airborne.
  • There is no dust or toxic chemicals that need to be contained.
  • Because both water and an abrasive are used in this process, surfaces are cleaned quickly and with less material.

Graffiti Removal From a Variety Of Surfaces

Since graffiti artists are not picky about what type of surface they use as a canvas, ProStrip Sandblasting has you covered.

The dustless blasting process used for removing graffiti can be used on a variety of surfaces, including:

  • brick
  • metal
  • wood
  • concrete and more

Depending on the type of surface being cleaned, pressure and water temperature can be adjusted to protect your property from damage.

Graffiti is removed easily while leaving the surface beneath cleaned and restored.

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