Mobile Sandblasting

How Mobile Sandblasting Redefines Surface Restoration?

Jordan Treloar Mobile Sandblasting

If you have been thinking about cleaning and restoring surfaces using traditional methods, you know that they can be time-consuming, messy, and potentially harmful to the substrate. Transporting objects to a dedicated sandblasting facility often involves logistical challenges and delays.  However, with the emergence of mobile sandblasting, the industry has revolutionised, offering a faster, more convenient, and cost-effective solution for …

Mobile Sandblasting

The Pros and Cons of Mobile vs Fixed Location Sandblasting

Jordan Treloar Sandblasting Services

Do you want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of surface preparation for your project? Then, Commercial Sandblasting is the best solution! Sandblasting is an abrasive surface finishing process that cleans or coarsens surfaces using a high-powered stream of abrasive material sprayed via compressed air. Traditionally, sandblasting was done at a fixed blasting facility, which required transporting the structures to be …