Different Sandblasting Services Offered by ProStrip Sandblasting

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Do you have a rusty old railing or a paint-cakes brick wall? Sandblasting can be your secret weapon! This potent method efficiently removes rust, paint, filth, and other impurities from a surface by pushing various materials against it with pressured air.

Sandblasting isn’t a universally applicable solution, though. Different blasting techniques and media (the material used) are chosen to achieve specific results. Here, you will learn about those different sandblasting services and how they can be beneficial, so let’s just read further!

Diverse Landscape of Blasting Techniques

Across many sectors, blasting—the controlled application of an abrasive material to clean, shape, or texturize a surface has become a vital tool. 

Blasting techniques provide a strong and accurate solution for various applications, from restoring vintage autos to removing obstinate graffiti. However, this variety also means it’s vital to comprehend the multiple approaches and their benefits.

1. Car Sandblasting

Car sandblasting is a major tool restoration specialists and auto enthusiasts use to revitalize vintage cars. This method cleans the car’s body of rust, paint, and other impurities using a pressured spray of sand particles. 

The process is incredibly effective because it can reach into nooks and uneven surfaces that regular cleaning methods can’t.

  • Benefits of Car Blasting
    • Sandblasting leaves a clean, bare metal surface ideal for restoration by removing deeply ingrained rust, paint, and underbody filth.
    • It produces a slightly textured surface to enhance paint adhesion and guarantee a faultless, long-lasting finish.
    • Targeted cleaning is possible with sandblasting. You can leave the original paint in desirable areas while concentrating on other areas.
    • Sandblasting cuts down on repair time dramatically as compared to manual cleaning procedures.

2. Concrete Sandblasting

Concrete sandblasting is an effective method for preparing, texturizing, and cleaning concrete surfaces. It works similarly to auto sandblasting, employing compressed air to push abrasive material—usually shattered glass or sand—against the concrete.

Paint, coatings, debris, and even the aggregate underneath the surface are all removed during this process.

  • Benefits of Concrete Sandblasting
    • Sandblasting is useful for restoring concrete to its natural look by efficiently eliminating tenacious stains, paint, and graffiti.
    • Sandblasting roughens the surface for fresh coatings, sealants, or epoxy applications. This enhances adherence for best outcomes.
    • Blasting gives concrete patios, pool decks, and walkways beautiful textures or non-slip surfaces.

3. Dustless Blasting

Traditional sandblasting can produce a lot of dust, which is dangerous for the environment and human health. A solution that is both worker- and environmentally friendly is dustless blasting.

This technology uses a water containment system in conjunction with a media such as crushed glass or coal slag to reduce dust formation.

  • Benefits of Dustless Blasting
    • Dustless blasting significantly minimizes dust clouds, creating a safer work environment for workers and people in the surrounding area.
    • By reducing dust, dustless blasting helps protect air quality and minimizes environmental impact.
    • Using different media like crushed glass allows for blasting on delicate surfaces where traditional sand might be too abrasive.

4. Glass Bead Blasting

Glass bead blasting is used for sensitive surfaces that need a kinder cleaning approach. Using compressed air, small glass beads are used in this technique to polish surfaces, eliminate light impurities, and produce a flawless finish.

  • Benefits of Glass Bead Blasting
    • Glass beads are perfect for fragile surfaces like wood, fiberglass, and aluminum since they are less abrasive than sand.
    • The surface is polished by bead blasting, removing mild rust and oxidation and leaving a glossy, smooth finish.
    • In some situations, glass bead blasting can be employed for the peening process, which fortifies a metal’s surface by leaving tiny dents in it.

5. Graffiti Removal

The removal of graffiti is essential for blasting techniques. Various techniques can be used, depending on the graffiti’s intensity and the surface. 

While milder techniques like soda blasting (described below) are favored for delicate materials like limestone or painted surfaces, sandblasting may be appropriate for some robust surfaces, such as brick walls.

  • Benefits of Graffiti Removal
    • Graffiti is successfully removed using blasting techniques, which improves the appearance of buildings and public areas.
    • Blasting assists in preventing irreversible damage to the underlying surface by quickly eliminating graffiti.
    • With so many different blasting techniques available, the ideal approach can be selected to guarantee efficient removal with the least harm to the original surface.

6. Marine Blasting

Boats and ships depend on their hulls and superstructures for lifespan and optimal performance. 

Marine blasting is a technique used to remove paint, rust, barnacles, and marine vegetation off boat surfaces using various media, such as garnet and crushed glass.

  • Benefits of Marine Blasting
    • Barnacles and other growth are removed via marine blasting, which lowers drag and increases a boat’s efficiency and speed.
    • Marine blasting protects the hull and prolongs the vessel’s life by clearing the surface of rust and improving antifouling paint adhesion.
    • Smoother operation, better maneuverability, and ultimately safer navigation correlate with a clean hull.
    • The boat’s visual appeal is increased by restoring its original appearance by removing paint and marine growth.

7. Machinery Blasting

Machinery blasting tackles the tough jobs on industrial machinery and equipment. This method uses a pressurized stream of abrasive media to accomplish particular objectives, usually heavier-duty materials like steel shot or grit.

  • Benefits of Marine Blasting
    • Machinery blasting restores maximum performance and efficiency by eliminating built-up materials that impede movement and function.
    • Potential safety risks and equipment failure can be avoided by removing rust and corrosion.
    • Blasting prolongs the life of expensive gear by preparing surfaces for protective coatings.

8. Soda Blasting

Soda blasting, known as bicarbonate blasting, offers a gentler alternative to traditional blasting methods. This technique uses baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as the blasting media, making it ideal for cleaning and restoring delicate surfaces.

  • Benefits of Soda Blasting
    • Soda is non-abrasive and ideal for cleaning materials that conventional blasting can harm, such as aluminum, fiberglass, and wood.
    • Compared to other blasting media, baking soda has a lower environmental impact because it is a natural and biodegradable substance.
    • Odors are absorbed by soda blasting while cleaning, leaving your surfaces spotless and smelling fresh.
    • Soda is safe for cleaning electrical components without sparking because it isn’t conductive.

Why Choose ProStrip Sandblasting?

  • With the ability to handle on-site, mobile, industrial, and commercial blasting tasks, ProStrip Sandblasting provides a comprehensive solution for your blasting needs.
  • With over ten years of experience, their skilled sandblasters can create the best strategy for your surface preparation.
  • They prioritize cost-effectiveness and offer free quotations to help you create an efficient budget.
  • ProStrip is committed to both eco-friendliness and quality. They use powerful equipment, premium blasting grit, and eco-friendly techniques, including dustless blasting services, to deliver long-lasting surface finishes without compromising the environment.
  • Their blasting solutions are tailored to meet the demands of your particular project.
  • They prioritize safety by utilizing only environmentally friendly blasting grit that meets OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety) regulations.


Sandblasting offers a powerful solution for various surface cleaning and texturizing needs. ProStrip Sandblasting is your one-stop shop, providing a comprehensive range of services, including car, concrete, and dustless blasting. Their experienced team ensures the most effective method for your project, whether restoring a classic car or removing graffiti from a building.

Contact ProStrip Sandblasting today to discuss your project and explore the best blasting solution!

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