Learn To Choose the Right Mobile Industrial Sandblasting Company

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In today’s market, you will find a variety of mobile sandblasters with various degrees of experience and expertise that can meet your project requirements. Though, all sandblasting companies aren’t made equally and it can get confusing whilst trying to select the most appropriate for your project. Seeing the market confusion, we decided to develop this blog article to discuss how you can select the most suitable industrial sandblasting company. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going. 

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What precisely is Industrial Sandblasting?

Abrasive Blasting, or as it’s commonly referred to as industrial sandblasting among the public, is a surface preparation and restoration technique conducted by pushing abrasive substances at a substrate through compressed air at tremendous velocity.  This process makes it possible to remove rust, paint, corrosion, and other unwanted surface contaminants from metal, brick, stone, concrete, fibreglass or wood. 

As mentioned above, the primary element in the abrasive blasting process is that of compressed air. Using a pressurised stream of air to propel abrasive materials, such as garnet, glass, and crushed walnuts, onto the surface being treated. The abrasive particles are directed at the surface through a blasting hose and nizzle to remove unwanted coatings, rust, or debris. You will find an industrial sandblaster using equipment containing an air compressor, cabinet, dust collection system, etc.

Industrial sandblasting company may utilise multiple abrasive blasting technologies and techniques within their typical operation:

  • Dry blasting

With this technique, dry abrasive material is mixed with the compressed air stream. The abrasive is then drawn from the sandblasting pot or hopper by the air pressure and propelled through a hose to the blasting nozzle. Typical applications include thick coating or rust removal, and preparation of the surface.

  • Wet blasting

Wet blasting is an abrasive blasting solution in which water is used alongside the abrasive media to minimise dust and increase cleaning effectiveness. It’s a good option for use when limiting dust exposure is crucial, such as within sensitive areas.

  • Vacuum Blasting 

Vacuum blasting involves using abrasive blasting while simultaneously collecting dust. It’s constructive when you must keep dust levels down when working in confined spaces or delicate surroundings.

Type of Surface

It’s essential to consider the substrate you’ll be sandblasting before determining which specific industrial sandblasting company to engage. Abrasive materials and pressure levels may need to be adjusted for use on various surfaces. In contrast to tough metals like steel, softer materials like wood or fibreglass may benefit from less pressure and gentler abrasives. By first identifying the surface type, a sandblasting company may adjust the sandblaster settings for maximum results with zero damage caused. 

Safety Essentials

Safety is a top priority when engaging an industrial sandblaster, so make sure they are wearing protective gear like air fed blasting helmet, nylon bodysuits and a proper in-built ventilation system. You should ensure that the sandblasters meet the industrial safety requirements, all of which should be documented on a Safe Work Method statement. Furthermore, a sandblaster should have the needed safety interlocks and hose clips to prevent accidental harm. Lastly, ascertain that the sandblasting company has the appropriate level of training and industry accreditations. Being capable of demonstrating successful projects similar to the work you are engaging them to complete.  

Maintenance & Durability

Considering how much upkeep operating industrial sandblasting equipment requires, you will need to ensure that an industrial sandblasting company undertakes regular maintenance and servicing of their equipment. When researching and obtaining proposals from sandblasting companies, prioritise not only skill level and experience but also the durability and condition of the sandblasting companies equipment. Considering the reliance of industrial sandblasters on the proper functioning of their equipment, any issues or faults that occur throughout the course of your project can significantly delay completion times and push back other trades who are scheduled to start following the sandblasting works. To reduce the frequency of repairs and replacements, it is recommended to use sandblasters constructed from high-quality materials that can endure the severe abrasive environment. Ensure that the industrial sandblasters that you’re considering to employ have a solid guarantee of project delivery time and access to knowledgeable technical assistance if any problems arise.

Portability & Dynamic

Mobility may seem like an insignificant factor initially, but once you consider the size of the equipment a sandblasting company operates, you will understand how important it really is. Standard sandblasting equipment is mounted to either the back of a truck or trailer. However,

if your project is in a confined space, backyard, or a narrow city alleyway, accessibility can be an issue. Depending on the project requirements, hiring a sandblasting company that has the versatility to carry their sandblasting equipment around the job site is hugely advantageous. With that in mind, the majority of sandblasting companies have the capacity to run 60 metres of hose length from their vehicle-mounted equipment. These considerations may make a difference in the ease of movement and accessibility of your chosen sandblasting company to the surface requiring treatment.


Before you begin looking for mobile sandblasters, consider your budget. This is the primary and base consideration on which all your other actions would determine. Choosing a cheaper option may seem right, but remember that the most expensive sandblasters are those that cause irreparable damage to your surface or asset. Sacrificing upon dependability and quality for price may cause severe harm to your project and reputation if the sandblasting subcontractor makes any such mistakes.

Abrasive Power & Pressure

Figure out the power of the sandblasting company’s equipment, along with the pressure level it can generally hold. The surface preparation efficiency and quality depend on the abrasive power of the sandblaster being used. Plus with the majority of sandblasting companies charging by the hour, using suboptimal equipment may cost you significantly in unnecessary extra hours to complete the project.

Consider the thickness of the coating and the number of layers requiring removal. Ask about the abrasive material the industrial sandblasters equipment can handle and whether or not it can adjust the pressure to meet the needs of various surfaces. The same goes for reducing the sandblasting pressure for delicate surfaces, the industrial sandblasters need to be able to manage the project without posing the risk of causing damage. A sandblasting company must have the capacity to adjust air pressure to find the sweet spot right between precise manipulation and brute force.

Drawing Comparisons

Go through the market’s various available mobile sand blasters before arriving at a single company. Consider the reviews, the brand’s history, and the past projects completed. For further assistance, get in touch with the individuals who have already used the services of the sandblasters that you desire to go with. Pay close attention to how efficient, safety conscious and seemingly professional they appear in their approach to providing sandblasting services.

Go out there and explore the market and narrow down the choices per your requirements. Seek out the typical services and capabilities that may appeal to you as the client. Think about how much work the sandblasting company can get done in a given amount of time, their estimated hourly rate and their safety and environmental controls.


We hope you now understand all the crucial factors at play that you must take notice of while selecting an excellent industrial sandblaster. If you carefully go through the above considerations, we assure you that you will land with the correct choice among this horde of mobile sandblasting companies. If you have any further doubts, feel free to hit us up in the comments below.