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Shot Blasting is a highly abrasive blasting technique used to clean, polish and strengthen metal-based materials.

Providing on-site blasting services in Melbourne, ProStrip Sandblasting offers to establish an on-site, contained working area for grit and shot blasting, with full environmental control and recycling systems to capture the materials used.

Our shot blasting equipment is perfect for removing exterior paint to expose brick and stone underneath, and strip driveways or add texture to concrete. As specialists in shot blasting, ProStrip Sandblasting ensures that your material receives a perfect profile in preparation of further treatment.

Shot blasting is commonly used in industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Foundry
  • Marine
  • Rail

What is Shot Blasting?

Like sandblasting, shot blasting is an abrasive blasting method that is used to strip, clean, strengthen, polish and protect material for further preparation.

The process of shot blasting involves thrusting shots against a metal surface at a high velocity. Shots may either be propelled by a pressured fluid like compressed air or by a centrifugal wheel spinning at high revs; depending on the metal restoration request.

With shot blasting, impurities of any form can be removed, surface protection can be applied as well as can be used to prepare metal surfaces for further treatment, such as a colour coating or welding. It can also be used to level a floor or prepare a concrete floor by removing weak concrete.

Shot blasting can be used in any industry that uses metal, including the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, construction, rail, foundry and many more industries.

The Benefits of Shot Blasting

If you are a contractor or company that needs to prepare or restore weak concrete or metal surface, then shot blasting is what you are looking for.

As a surface-finishing technique, shot blasting provides a beautiful, fine-blasted finish and remarkable adhesion to metal and concrete surfaces. Though, this depends on the type of shot blaster technology selected.

Using a smaller shot blaster does not only cover more square meters per hour to save time but is also one of the most effective methods – used since earlier time – in preventing the mistake of taking a larger depth of concrete out than required. Shot blasting also removes unwanted contaminants that are hazardous to health and safety.


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