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Eco- Friendly Car Sandblasting

Welcome to ProStrip automotive blasting. Automotive and motorcycle blasting is one of our many expertise here at ProStrip including:

  • Car Sandblasting and Paint Stripping
  • Car Restoration
  • Motorcycle blasting
  • Car Parts & Motorcycle Parts Blasting and Restoration
  • Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery Restoration

You can rest assured that all our work is done efficiently, safely, and with the utmost regard for environmental impact and industry standards. We do our job fast, and we do it right.

Car Restoration

Whether you are a car-savvy restoration fanatic, an industry professional seeking help with equipment maintenance, or a motorcyclist with a bike that is looking a little worse for wear, we can offer the services you need.

Does your ride need a new vibe? ProStrip car sandblasting is here for you. We can prepare your vehicle for a fresh coat of paint with our car paint stripping services. Your everyday vehicle will be ready for a new colour in no time.

Our capability extends far beyond how to get paint off a car, though. If you have a classic car waiting to be restored to its former glory, but your automotive restoration project has hit a wall of rust, then look no further than our car sandblasting services.

We can remove rust, primer, old paint, body filler, and more. Your vehicle will be ready for a new paint job quickly, and our skilful blasting ensures your car will not be damaged in the process.

Finally, as experts in car parts restoration, we can blast your car and just about everything under the hood. Whatever your car cleaning and restoration needs, ProStrip automotive blasting can deliver.

Heavy Equipment Restoration

At ProStrip, we know that the health and safety of industry professionals depend on clean and well-maintained equipment.

If your heavy machinery needs blasting, we have the heavy equipment restoration services for you. We can blast plant and industrial equipment. No job is too big, and all our work maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, safety, and gentleness to the surrounding habitat.

Our services will give you peace of mind from every angle, so you know that ProStrip is the right choice for your employees, your community, and the environment.

Motorcycle Sandblasting

ProStrip’s blasting proficiency extends past the everyday modes of transportation. Motorcyclists can also enjoy a clean, sandblasted ride with our full range of motorcycle blasting services.

Whether you require motorcycle parts sandblasting, or your bike has taken more of a beating and you need motorcycle frame sandblasting, ProStrip can help. Our sandblasting services can remove old paint, primer, and rust, leaving your motorcycle ready for a sleek new paint job.

Our services are efficient, so you do not have to worry, and quick, so you can be back on the road in no time. If your motorcycle needs attention, ProStrip’s motorcycle blasting can give you everything you need.

Contact ProStrip to inquire about your automotive blasting services in Melbourne today!